The Respiratory System Block is a 5-week; 6-credit hours course offered to students of Year 2 of Phase I of the MD Program at UCM at Qassim University. This block is devoted to study the normal structure and function of the Respiratory System of the human body, and how the structure and function of this organ system are affected by pathological and infectious processes. It thus includes detailed description of the gross and radiological anatomy of the chest wall, airways, pleura, lungs and diaphragm. The microscopic structure of airways, pleura and lungs is also characterized in this block. This is followed by detailed explanation of the stages of respiration in man, the ventilation-perfusion relationships, control of ventilation, and respiration under special conditions. The biochemistry of lung surfactant, cellular respiration and cystic fibrosis are also described. The common infections and the important pathological processes affecting the Respiratory System, including genetic abnormalities, ischemia, inflammation, neoplasia, anatomical derangement, and autoimmune attack are specified in details. Thus, several disciplines, including Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, radiology and pharmacology will contribute to presenting an integrated view of the disorders and diseases affecting the Respiratory System. Following description of the structure-function inter-relationship of the organ of the Respiratory System and cellular respiration, emphasis will be on describing the pathological changes and applying pathophysiological reasoning to help students understand clinical presentation of the disorders and diseases affecting the organs of the Respiratory System, and aid in outlining possible diagnostic techniques and management strategies with little emphasis on treatment selection. The details of clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment of the relevant disorders and diseases will be dealt with in the Clerkship Phase of the MD Program.

Course Director
Professor Tehmeena Wani
Course Coordinator
Dr Farhan Baloch